Media Appearances & Recorded Lectures

“Competing Ethnoracialized Counterpublics: #OscarsSoWhite​, Black Twitter, and Latinx Twitter,” Center for Latinx Digital Media, Northwestern University

“Latinas, Social Media, and the Politics of Latinx Millenials,” Latin@ Stories,  Ohio State University.

“Reflecting on Diversity During Award Show Season,” Break It Down, PBS Arizona

Award shows give writers, actors and directors a chance to showcase their work and celebrate the industry, but people of color are still underrepresented in Hollywood. Host Dr. Manu Avilés-Santiago chats with Dr. Arcelia Gutiérrez about how POC, especially the Latino community, is underrepresented in Hollywood’s award show nominations.

“Thinking about Tenure and Promotion as Junior Faculty,” El Café Latinx Podcast, Center for Latinx Digital Media, Northwestern University 

Host Pablo Boczkowski interviews Prof. Arcelia Gutiérrez. Among many topics, they discuss ways in which junior faculty can think about tenure and promotion in academia. This is episode thirteen of El Café Latinx, podcast produced by the Center for Latinx Digital Media at Northwestern University.

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